With the cooler weather I’ve been feeling more creative with my dinner recipes! It’s been awhile since I have felt like making dinner after a long day but I’m running with it since I feel inspired!


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-2 cups all purpose flour

-2 cups 0% Greek yogurt

-3/4 Alfredo (I used the new Ragu Cauliflower Alfredo and its AMAZING!! Highly recommend!!)

-1 3/4 cup fat free mozzarella (aka the whole bag!)

-6 oz chicken breast (boneless, skinless. I pre cooked my ahead!)

-2 cups roasted broccoli (again I pre cooked mine ahead!)

*Pizza crust = 2 Ingredient dough

-2 cups self rising flour

-2 cups 0% Greek yogurt

-pinch of salt

>Mix Ingredients, roll out into a large pizza size (I didn’t have a pizza pan so I used an ex large cookie sheet lined with foil and sprayed with non stick spray!)

>Bake crust at 350 degrees until golden


-chopped chicken breast (again mine was pre cooked!)



-fat free cheese

-pinch of salt

*Bake at 350 degrees until pizza is crisp and warm!

*Makes 12 slices

💜3 SP

💙3 SP

💚4 SP


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