Hitting Weight Watchers Goal

This morning was an emotional morning. As I drove to my WW workshop a lot of thoughts were running through my head. I haven’t been to a workshop in two weeks because my schedule has been hectic. Those two missed workshops were a chance to hit goal. But today when I stepped on my home scale I was above goal weight when I had on my clothes. I felt a little bit discouraged if I’m being honest. It made for mixed emotions while I drove to my workshop. I kept thinking I should have made it work to get to a meeting the last few weeks.

I said a little prayer before I headed into the workshop that I would accept the weight that the scale said. That this was not a moment to feel like I’d let myself down because it wasn’t a gain and it wasn’t a reason to feel I had failed. Life happens and I also have NEXT week or the next week or another time to weigh in at goal. I had to tell myself there was more to this journey than just a number on the scale.

When I weighed in I got a small smile from the lady (if you ever notice they stay very neutral when they weigh you!!!) and she called for the workshop leader to come over. The leader greeted me with a huge smile and introduced herself. She than asked the lady who weighed me what she needed. She got the response “MiRanda here just hit her goal!!!”

Tears stung my eyes and I had a look of disbelief. Many emotions hit me as I followed the leader off to a side desk so she could speak with me about maintaining + lifetime. She gave me a huge hug and told me I was her first ever member in her group this year to hit their goal. It was than that I found my words and just babbled about my journey. She in turn gave me the biggest hug and said “I’m so proud of you! And I mean it with all my heart that I’m proud of you!”

I won’t bore you with my full story because its rather long winded but here is the short end:

I have always been extremely fit and active. I played college sports and completed in the bodybuilding realm for almost 7 years in figure and bikini. My weight was always pretty much the same and I never considered myself someone who struggled with my weight or was over weight.

In 2017 I went on a medication to help me get pregnant and regulate my hormones. It was not a guaranteed process and it came with many side effects the biggest one being weight gain. In less than 12 weeks I had gain 30lbs. In total during this process I gained 35 lbs and ended up completely heart broken. We ended up not getting pregnant and because of the weight gain I felt like a stranger in my new body.

In 2018 I just decided this was just my fate and I needed to get used to my new body. But it really made for a constant reminder of what we had hoped for that didn’t happen. I found myself sad and unhappy and the weight gain was a constant reminder of a very difficult journey.

Fast forward to 2019 I decided January 1 I was going to get the weight off. That I wasn’t stuck and I could make changes no matter how challenging it felt. I counted calories for about 3 weeks and HATED it! After a bunch of research I joined Weight Watchers. I loved how appealing it was because of the zero point foods. I wanted something that seemed manageable and not having to count every bit of food seemed perfect!

Once I joined WW I never looked back. I did take about one month off this year (Sept) to try calories again because I was feeling a little burnt out with WW because I was in a spot where I no longer had anymore weight to lose but didn’t know how to be consistent with maintaining yet.

Once I came back to WW in October I felt on fire to try to make this a lifestyle. I than upgraded my membership to digital + studio in November to attend workshops. I learned at my first workshop I could achieve lifetime status and that is my new overall goal.

One last thing I want to say: Never judge ANYONE who wants to lose weight. I have sat through a few WW workshops and felt eyes of judgment on me. And I know I”m not making it up because TODAY when they announced I made goal the leader actually said “Never judge anyone who walks through those doors and think ‘They don’t need to be here’ ”

I have had comments and remarks made about and to me during workshops about my size, age and weight. Things I would never say to ANYONE that could be taken as hurtful. I have let it all side and I always smile and just say “Everyone has a story”

Thank you for letting me share my story. I love that even though we each have a different journey we all have one end goal. If you need some encouragement during your journey please always feel free to reach out to me! We may not know each other but I want to encourage you because sometimes we need a big hug or words that will change our mindset for that day!

No matter where you started or how much further you have to go, know you will get there. Easy is easy but challenging changes you!

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