MyWW Weeknight Dinner Ideas In 30 Minute Or Less

I’m back with another dinner ideas video! Yes I said video because if you found my blog you most likely found my through YouTube! 💜

Find my channel here:–UzLVWETXe-XEoqUTA

This week’s recipes:

-Kodiak pancake bake

-1 pan chicken sausage and veggies

-Pizza grilled cheese

-Turkey tacos

-Birdseye Shrimp Garlic Pasta

I follow the MyWW blue plan, but all of these meals fit into the Green or Purple MyWW plans too! Points will most likely change between plans!

When I’m making a dinner menu for the week I try to find things that are easy but also filling! And taste good! Because otherwise I’ll run through the drive thru on my way home!


*6 WW SP per serving (all plans! 💜💚💙)
-A quick dinner brought to you by @krusteaz (and me 🤣) I love pancake bake and this one moved up the line to my favorite! Not only does it tastes amazing, it has 14g of protein per serving! You can serve it on its own or kick up the protein even more with a side of scrambled eggs!

My recipe:
3 cups mix
1 1/2 cups water
2 cups frozen mixed berries
*Stir together water and pancake mix, pour into a sprayer baking dish. Top with frozen berries. Bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until fully baked ✨Left overs make an amazing lunch the next day!😍

*Makes 6 servings

💕1 Pan chicken sausage and veggies

(3 SP per serving on all MyWW 💜💚💙)
-1 pack pre chopped veggies from @albertsons (I got the mushroom, pepper, squash, zucchini and onion blend!)
-1 pack roasted red pepper and garlic chicken sausages
*I threw them in a foiled lined pan with non stick spray, baked it in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes
Dinner inspired by @curvyandcaffeinated_ww ✨ 📸 @drunken_gorilla_23

*Makes 4 servings. Points May vary depending on which chicken sausage you buy! I got the lowest point one available and it was the store brand!

💕Pizza Grilled Cheese

This one was sooo simple! I know you all know how to make grilled cheese! So here are the ingredients + points! Bonus: throw in a can of the new light Progresso soups 😍😍😍

💕Turkey Tacos

You can add anything you’d like to your tacos! Here’s what do:
-1 lb 99% ground thekey
-1/2 packet taco seasoning
-chopped lettuce
-chopped toamto
-fat free mozzarella cheese
-Taco Bell mild sauce
-white corn tortillas (the only thing that has points in the MyWW blue and purple plans! Just 5 SP for 3 shells!)

💕Garlic Shrimp Pasta W/Veggies

I cheated on this meal but hey it’s still ready in 30 minutes or less! 🤣
-1 bag of mixed frozen veggies
-1 bag of Birdseye garlic shrimp (in the freezer section!)
This makes 3 servings 🤩 5 SP on 💜💙and 6 SP on 💚

5 NIGHTS OF DINNERS 30 MINUTES OR LESS! Weight Watchers Recipe Ideas! | VLOGMAS Day 20

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