HERE IT IS! I’m SO EXCITED to finally be sharing the January Challenge! It’s called “Start The Decade Off Right!” because I know each of you want to hit the ground running with this bright new shiny decade!!

You can participate with this challenge by just downloading and printing the calendar PDFs found within this blog however the challenge is being held in my Facebook group “Running Away With Life”

Click HERE to join:

This is a two part challenge! You’re welcome to do one or both!

Part 1 is the Calendar part of the challenge. Each day there is a set workout to check off!

Part 2 is the Run/Walk Streak Calendar. I had so many who loved “RunMas” that I decided to hold another Run Streak for anyone who was interested in keeping their streak alive or starting a new one!

Any questions will be directed through the Facebook group! This is a FREE challenge that is just meant to be fun and bring everyone together as a community! The calendar is go at your own pace and its okay if you don’t check off every single day! Do your best and have fun is the main goal! Post as many times as you’d like within the Facebook group! We all love seeing everyone’s post and commenting to help keep each other motivated!

Now let’s start this decade off right!!!


  1. I love that you are doing these challenges! I’ve tried to download both several times but it won’t open for me. ☺


    1. I’m sorry! I’m not sure why, they’re just word docs! I know they open on more than just my laptop because I went to the local library to open them to double check issues before I published this blog post and they opened just fine! I’m not super tech savvy so unfortunately I’m not sure what to tell you! If you’d like you can email me and I can forward them over but again they’re just word docs so they’ll come over in the same format!


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