My Weight Loss Story

I think I’ve talked about my story a few times in my YouTube channel, but if not I’d love to share it with you all ❤️

I’ve always been a very athletic individual. I played high school and college sports. After college I got really into bodybuilding (the figure and bikini side of the sport!)

2013 vs Today

I completed for almost 7 years before deciding I didn’t want my whole life to be a strict diet. I felt there was more to life than counting every macro, doing endless cardio and weight training until I was blue in the face.

Spring 2017 – half marathon training

I stayed lean after I finished my competing days. I found running about 2 years after and started training for my first half marathon.

I always assumed I’d be a tall and slim individual who never had weight issues.

Later in 2017 my husband and I decided to take our trying to have kids a step further so I went on a medication to help with my hormones. The #1 side effect was weight gain. Within 12 weeks I gained almost 35lbs. I was still extremely active, running 30-35 miles a week and I was watching what I was eating 😳 I can remember downloading a plan at the time that was a low carb diet to try to counter the weight gain

In the beginning of 2018 I felt that it was my duty to accept the weight gain and I made it my news years goal to accept my new body. I could still run, I had a healthy body… being a little overweight was something I felt wasn’t right to complain about.

By the end of 2018 I was over it! I decided I didn’t have to just accept being bigger than my comfortable weight. That I didn’t have to explain myself to others if I wanted to be a different smaller size. So I made it a goal for 2019 to lose weight. I set out to lose 17.8 lbs and I thought that would put me back in a comfortable range.

I started counting calories in January 2019 but found it difficult and taxing. I wanted simple! I started researching and stumbled upon WW freestyle thank to YouTube.

I signed up January 21 EXTREMELY excited and nervous to start a new to me journey. The first week there were some bumps as I learned the point system but I LOVED it!

I my goal weight of 160 within 8 weeks.

Week 8 (160) vs Day 1 (177.8)

Day 1 (177.8) vs week 8 (160)

I felt so amazing I decided to try to lose 5 more pounds! I even made a YouTube video update about it!

From that accomplishment I just kept pushing forward. From maintaining for 4 months over the summer to back into weight loss to achieve a WW studio goal weight charm and now working towards lifetime!

Reflecting on the last year I see how much I’ve pushed myself and grown but also how I never gave up on myself. I made myself a priority without taking away from anything in my life. I’ve just enhanced it!

Day 1 (Jan 2019) vs Nov 2019

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