-1 Sugar Free CoffeMate Creamer 2 SP/5 Tbl (on all MyWW plans)

-2 Bolthouse Farm’s Dressing 2 SP/2 Tbl (on all My WW plans)

-3 Fat Free Cheese 0 SP/ 1/4 c (on all MyWW plans)

-4 Dannon Fit and Light Greek Yogurt 2 SP per container (on all MyWW plans)

-5 Salsa 0 SP *no sugar added (on all MyWW plans)

-6 Eggs 0 SP / 1 on MyWW Purple and Blue 2 SP / 1 on MyWW Green

-7 Nature’s Own Butter Bread 3 SP / 2 Slices (on all MyWW plans)

-8 Frozen Veggies 0 SP (on all MyWW plans *Green plan you have to count starchy veggies like corn and peas)

-9 Chloe’s Bars 3 SP / 1 Bar (on all MyWW plans)

-10 New Chick On The Block chicken tenders 1 SP / per tender (on all MyWW plans)

-11 Low Carb Tortillas *Ole’ Extreme or LaTortilla 1 SP / per wrap (on all MyWW plans)

-12 Krusteaz Pancake and Waffle Mix + Protein 6 SP / 1 serving (on all MyWW plans)

-13 Progresso Light Soups 1-3 SP / per can (on all MyWW plans)

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