Fajitas Ingredients:

-Low carb wraps (I used LaTorilla Wraps for 1 SP each!)

-12 oz chicken (I used the Kroger Brand pre-grilled frozen lemon and herb chicken! You can sub for anything you’d like!

-1/2 white onion chopped

-1 red pepper chopped

-Spinach veggies dip (I picked this up at Sprouts but you can sub for any low point dip!)

*Cook your veggies with non stick spray on your stove top until they are of your liking. I also warmed my chicken with them since it was already pre cooked. Assemble fajitas by spreading 1 tbl dip (1 sp) on wrap and adding the mix! I made 6 fajitas and placed them on a cooked sheet lined with foil and non stick spray. I baked my fajitas in the oven for 8 minutes at 350 degrees so the wraps got a little crispy. I reheat these in a skillet when I’m ready to eat!



-1 white onion (chopped)

-1 1/2 cup carrots

-2 large zucchini (chopped)

-16oz crushed tomatoes

-1 can white beans

-1 1/2 cup chicken or veggie stock

-sea salt

-crushed red pepper flakes

*The original recipe all calls for 8 oz pasta and 3 cups kale

*Add chopped onion and carrots to your pot with salt. Cook until onions are translucent. Add in the rest of the ingredients plus 8 oz of water. Bring to a boil than let simmer until carrots are soft. About 1-2 hours.

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