We often think when it comes to “going on a diet” we have to eliminate all of our favorite foods! Including our favorite restaurants! I truly believe if you want to make something a lifestyle you can! It may mean choosing different options but you can still include your favorites!

Here is my Top 10 Weight Watchers Fast Food Restaurants with my go to picks! **All points are for the MyWW Blue Plan but are options for all 3 plans!

#1- Chick-A-Fila

-Grilled Chicken Nuggets 0 SP

-Chicken Wrap 6 SP

-Fruit cup 1 SP

#2- Popeyes Chicken

-5 piece Blackened Chicken Tenders 1 SP

-Regular size slaw 5 SP

#3- McDonald’s

-Southwest Chicken Salad *no dressing 5 SP

#4- Flame Broiler

-Tofu Bowl with white rice and veggies – 5 SP

-Magic sauce – 3SP

#5 Wendy’s

-Grilled chicken sandwich 7 SP

-Nuggest *4 count 5SP

#6 Chipotle

-Chicken salad (no beans, chicken, lettuce, 2xs salsa + veggies) 3 SP

#7 El Pollo Loco

-Double Avocado Salad 4 SP

-Original Pollo Bowl w/Chicken 8SP

#8 Panera

-Ten Veggie Soup Cup 1 SP

-Low Fat Chicken Noodle Soup Cup 2 SP

-Half Asian Sesame Salad 4 SP

#9 Jack In The Box

-Chicken Fajita Pita 9SP

-Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad 4 SP

#10 Del Taco

-Real Strawberry Lemonade 2 SP

-Avocado Veggie Bowl 9 SP

-Salsa Chicken Taco 4 SP


  1. Hi,
    I really enjoy your content. I started first watching you on YouTube and now follow you on Instagram as well. You are very casual in your approach and seem genuine. Listed above for Chipotle you say “no beans” but they are zero points. Why no beans? Personal choice or is there a WW reason I’m not aware of. Thanks.


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