My Supplement Routine & Supplement Recommendations

What I take daily:

-Protein: *See list below!

-Trace Minerals Electrolyte Stamina:





Amino Energy:

-Greens Powder:


Diva Balance:

My Protein Recommendations


This is a protein blend so it carries a lot of flavor and is really thick and creamy!


I’ve shared both the 100% Whey and the Isolate protein for this company! Both I love but keep in mind the texture will be slightly different! The Isolate will be lighter and mix more like a water! Isolates are best for anyone with lactose intolerance but if the dairy still bothers you switch to a plant based protein!

Metabolic Nutrition:

This one has enzymes to help digest the proteins and is great for anyone with lactose issues! It’s rich and creamy and they have fantastic flavors!

Rebel Nutrition:

I feature this protein a lot! They have some really unique flavors and I think if you’re looking for something different than the normal you may want to give these a try!

Other Recommendations:

Joint Defender:


MRE Lite:

**Some of the links are affiliate links! If you choose to make a purchase I may be compensated! Thank you for supporting me and my channel!

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