Apple Pie Protein Oats


-4 apples (cooked in your crock pot! See directions below!)

-2 cups oats

-3 scoops protein powder

-2 8oz containers Dannon Light and Fit yogurt (any flavor)

*Cook apples in crock pot per recipe below. Once they are finished you can start cooking your oats. I like my oats cooked stovetop 3 cups of water 2 cups of oats. Once they’re cooked I add the protein powder and stir to combine.

I layered my mason jars with the ingredients but you can do it any way that you’d like! I did yogurt, apples, oats and more apples.

Makes 4 servings. Per serving: 5 SP on MyWW Green and Blue and 2 SP on MyWW Purple


-4 apples (I used Granny smith you can use what you’d like!)

-2 tbl lemon juice

-2 tbl cinnamon

-2 tbl splenda

*Chop apples and put in a crock pot with all the seasonings. Cook for 1-2 hours on high.

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